Daily Schedule

2018-2019 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45-10:00 1st Hour 4th Hour LTI Day. Release at 1:00 1st Hour 4th Hour
10:00-10:05 Passing Passing   Passing Passing
10:05:11:05 Advisory Advisory   Advisory Advisory
11:05-11:10 Passing Passing   Passing Passing
11:10-12:25 2nd 5th   2nd 5th
12:25-12:55 Lunch Lunch   Lunch Lunch
12:55-1:00 Passing Passing   Passing Passing
1:00-2:15 Activity A Activity B   Activity A Activity B
2:15-3:30 3rd 6th   3rd 6th

Sample Student Schedule

1st Hour   A Day   English
2nd Hour   A Day   Social Studies
3rd Hour   A Day   Elective of Choice
4th Hour   B Day   Math
5th Hour   B Day   Science
6th Hour   B Day   Elective of Choice

Daily Procedures

Start of Day

Drop off students in front of Parent Center/Front Office on 7th Street. Parking is available on the streets around the school, but students should not park in the staff lot between modulars and main building. Upon arrival, students should congregate in gymnasium until 8:55am, when students should be heading to class. Classes start at 8:45am promptly. Doors to the school will not open until 8am. Students should not be in classrooms prior to 8:40am unless accompanied by an advisor.

Passing Period

Students have 5 minutes to transition between classes according to the times outlined on the schedule. Bathrooms and water bottle refills should take place during this time.

Dismissal/Pick up

Student pick-up begins at 3:30pm; Individualized Learning Plans may indicate an early dismissal time. Students will congregate in the gym after class, unless working with a teacher on a project as outlined above. Pick up line should form on 7th St and continue onto G St. Students planning on staying to work on projects after school need to notify advisor of alternate plans the day before. Campus closes at 5pm; all students must be picked up no later than 5pm, unless involved in extracurricular activity.

Early check-out

Students need to be checked out by parents either in person through the front office staff. Students must check in and out through the front office. Early check out results in being marked absent from class, and excessive absences can lead to loss of credit.