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Is the Future School of Fort Smith tuition-free?
Yes, we are a tuition-free, public charter high school serving grades 10-12.

How do you help all students in Fort Smith?
We believe, as a public school, it is our responsibility to enhance educational opportunities for ALL students. In addition to providing free services to our educational partners, we are investing significant financial resources in student services to make an education at Future School accessible for all students. This includes: ELL support, bilingual services, SPED support, school lunch program, professional development, public transportation support, and a stipend for each instructor to support parent engagement activities (from parent dinners to student birthday parties).

How do students apply?
An education at Future School is accessible and free to all students entering the 10th grade who reside in Arkansas. There is no selection process or criteria for admittance. Parents/guardians may schedule a tour with our team and pick up registration forms at our welcome center between 9-5pm. Our address is 622 n 7th St. Fort Smith, AR 72901.


Will Future School be held to state standards?
As a public high school, students will take all state-required tests, graduating with a state-approved diploma. We will meet/exceed state academic standards and measure progress towards goals in other areas including college & workforce readiness, community/parent involvement, and post-secondary training & education.

What type of courses do you offer?
Students work with their learning team (student, instructor, advisor, parent) to design a personalized learning plan. This plan will be implemented through a combination of learning through internships, face-to-face instruction, on-line classes and concurrent courses.

Will students have extracurricular options?
Yes, our learning model is innovative, so our extracurricular programs will be innovative! In addition to the customized internship program, we offer business start up programs, AAA athletics programs (basketball, tennis, golf) & student programs (mountain biking, beach volleyball, boxing, soccer, green team, debate, E-sports, skateboarding).

How do I check my student's grades?
You can check your student's grades by going to the provided link and entering the Username and Password, the information for both can be obtained in the front office.  Also, be sure to select Future School of Fort Smith as District. https://hac31.eschoolplus.k12.ar.us/HomeAccess/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2fhomeaccess%2f                                                                                                                                                           

Real-World Learning

How does Future School prepare students for the ‘real-world’?
Future School’s approach fully engages students in their education by honoring student voice and choice through our real-world learning model incorporating student-designed internships. Students graduate uniquely prepared to build their professional toolboxes as they consider careers that appeal to them and will have developed 21st century mindsets, skills, and professional networks during their high school experience.

How are internships designed?
Our internship design bridges student interests and in- demand employment opportunities. In the beginning of the school year, all students work with their advisor to assess their interests & inherent abilities and set career goals. As a part of the designing phase, students learn to research and conduct informational interviews with potential internship partners. Once they decide on an internship site, they create a semester- long work plan including goals and a timeline that is incorporated into their academic courses. This way, students are applying what they learn in class, in the real-world. Students submit regular progress reports to their advisors throughout the semester and receive feedback and assessment from their advisor at school, parents at home and mentor in the community. At the end of the semester/year, students present their internship portfolio at a final exhibition.