Value: After completing an internship, students should be able to:

  • Apply knowledge to real-world problems in a real-world work experience setting
  • Develop sound decision-making skills through the professional-based work experience
  • Describe and demonstrate appropriate professional conduct in a collaborative work environment
  • Develop a professional vision that values diversity in the workplace

What: Every student will be responsible for acquiring an internship in the Fort Smith community with help from his or her advisor. After meeting with the potential internship mentor to learn about their needs, the student develops an ongoing project and work plan with their advisor; it is imperative that these internships create value for both the mentor and student. Students will be responsible for developing and implementing the work plan with guidance from their advisor and mentor, and will submit weekly progress report to their advisor, including work completed and a short reflection regarding the progress toward completion of their ongoing project. Advisors will visit the internship site throughout the year to check on progress and get feedback from the student and mentor. The student’s final projects will be presented each semester to the student’s Learning Team during Future School exhibition week.