Future School is an open enrollment 10-12th-grade public charter school in Fort Smith Arkansas. We are a Big Picture Learning School. In addition to meeting the state standards for graduation from high school in academically rigorous classes with a small student to teacher ratio, we focus on four pillars of academic success for our young adults. They are Internships, College, Advisories, and Non-cognitive skills (“I CAN”).

  • Student Choice: Provide opportunities for students to make informed choices about their education and develop their voices as young leaders and agents of change.
  • Personalized Curricula: Students work with their advisor, mentor, and family to design and implement a personalized learning plan customized to their interests, learning style, and goals.
  • Project-based Classrooms: Hands-on, project-based learning instructional model is intentionally cross-curricular and addresses real-world scenarios to connect with Fort Smith businesses and community organizations wherever possible.
  • Integrated Technology: Students use technology as a 21st-century tool in all aspects of their education through one-to-one student devices, integrated technology in coursework, and technology-focused electives such as robotics.
  • Real-world Internships: Internships, culminating with a final student portfolio, complement time spent in the classroom by connecting a student’s education with career exploration, goal setting, and real-world experience.
  • Cross-sector Partnerships: Collaborate with K-12 educators, higher education, businesses, and community organizations to cultivate college, career, and world-ready graduates through mentorships, adjunct facilitators, clubs, and unlimited potential partnerships.

Future School advisors will be assigned to students during the first week of their enrollment.

Business/Marketing — business startup

Art 1

Art 2

Advanced Art Techniques (Art 3)

Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Management

Psychology Semester 1 / Sociology Semester 2

Web Design & Coding

Creative Writing

Econ Semester 1 / Civics Semester 2

Music (general performance)

Transitional Math (college math)

Music Performance and Production (theater)

Dance (PE)

Home Economics / Family Consumer Science

Cheer (have Quincy approval)

ACT Prep (11-12)

Basketball (have Eric’s approval)

Composition 1 & 2 (11 & 12) (For college credit) Approval needed


Cyber UAFS program

Ladies of Excellence




Culture Club

Ambassadors of FS


Quiz Bowl

National Honors Society


Art Club

Green Team (aquaponics, gardening, composting, RRR

Fitness Club



Pre-Medical — Science Careers


Drama Club

Study Hall

Basketball Practice (coach approval needed)

Mentor for Young Men

Interact (business networking)

Crochet – Crafts

Gay-Straight Alliance



We will provide, at no cost, a Fort Smith public bus pass to all students who request them. And as a close-knit community, carpooling and other methods of helping each other out are encouraged.

The school’s dress code will be professional. Students may wear shorts, jeans, slacks, skirts, dresses, buttoned shirts, and appropriate t-shirts. The school will provide one Future School T­-shirt which can be worn as “casual” wear. Student internships may involve their own appropriate work wear which will be communicated by the mentor.  Skirts and dresses and shorts must be no shorter than 3” above the knee. Leggings must be worn with a shirt, skirt, or dress that meets the 3” rule.

Reasonable exceptions to the dress code may be made at the discretion of administration for costumes, uniforms, or clothing worn by a student while participating in a school-sponsored activity or event.

This policy shall not be enforced in a manner that discriminates against a stu­dent on the basis of his or her race, color, religion, sex, disability, or national origin.

The following is a list of infractions concerning students’ dress which are considered in violation of the student dress code:

    1. Bare feet. Wearing appropriate footwear is required.
    2. See-through clothing
    3. Bare midriff
    4. Alcoholic, drug advertisements, or profanities
    5. Tank tops with less than 3-inch shoulders or large armholes
    6. Gang-related attire
    7. Clothing that reveals undergarments
    8. Bagging/ sagging pants
    9. Skirts/ dresses/ shorts that are shorter than 3” above the knee
    10. Sleepwear

In the event a student’s parents cannot be reached, students will be provided something to wear by the school. Repeated infractions will be subject to disciplinary action.

The building opens at 7:45 am. Students must be in the class by 8:45 am or be counted tardy. Students may be picked up at 3:30 pm. Building closes at 5:00 pm.

Yes. We have a full on-site lunch program. Students may bring their lunch or purchase from the school lunch program. The Federal Title 1 Free and Reduced Lunch Program is available to assist the student with costs to meet nutritional needs. Information on eligibility is available in the main office.

Students may not order food to be delivered to Future School. Deliveries will not be accepted. Food may be dropped off and picked up by the student in the office at the beginning of the lunch period. Students may not pick food up from the Front Office before the start of the lunch period. Students will not be able to take their lunch into classrooms after the lunch period is over. If lunch is being dropped off, please provide ample time for your student to eat before lunch ends.

As the year progresses, students will have the opportunity to earn open campus lunch. This requires meeting a variety of academic benchmarks as well as demonstrating trustworthiness both on campus and off campus at an internship site. Finally, parent permission must be granted (and a permission form signed) prior to a student being allowed to leave campus during the lunch period.

Visitors over 18 may come on campus after checking into the office and getting a visitor’s badge. There will be no student visitors on campus during class time unless it has been cleared by the Principal or Superintendent. Visitors under 18 may only be on campus with administrative approval if they are considering enrollment or visiting for a specific purpose, such as a presentation or program. ALL visitors MUST have a visitor’s badge at ALL times.

622 N 7th St. (Old Girls Club/Belle Grove Community Center). We have modulars located in the back with 5 classrooms, 3 classrooms in the STEM Center, 4 new classrooms in the Rock Building, and a gymnasium. We will continue to expand the school through construction as we grow.

Because phones so easily become a substantial distraction for individual students and class as a whole, mobile phones are not allowed during class time, unless students are specifically given teacher permission. If the phone is out and causing a disruption to the student or anyone else, it will be confiscated. 1st offense – The phone will be returned after class. 2nd offense – The phone will be returned from the office, end of the day. 3rd offense – A parent must pick up the phone from the office.

It takes a village to raise a child. We believe that parents/guardians are our greatest partners in serving students. We encourage parents to be involved in as many aspects of school as possible. We rely heavily upon the involvement of our community to support students, and that begins with parents/guardians. Please consider how you can volunteer your talents to support your child and their school! Everyone has a unique gift to share with our school community!