Want to Work With Us?

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Do you believe in an educational process that supports diverse high school students in finding and nurturing their gifts and passions, rather than prioritizing compliance? Would you like to empower students to explore and examine their lives and the world around them in a deep and critical way?  Are you inspired and organized to support students as they access life and career opportunities while building their professional network?

Working at Future School is not a job, it is a vocation and an opportunity to join our movement. In selecting candidates for employment here, we look not only for exceptional talent and expertise as educational leaders, but also for a high level of commitment and eagerness to learn.  In return, Future School provides professional growth opportunities; deep, meaningful, and rewarding work; and competitive salaries and benefits packages.

At Future School, our team works together to develop active learning opportunities for our students.  We care about each other’s success, our students’ experience, and work hard to constantly innovate. We are committed to our students and, through that experience, contribute to progressive secondary school transformation efforts across the country. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out our About and Resources pages to get a better feel for our unique professional learning community. We’ll be honest; Future School isn’t for everybody.  If you believe students need to be “taught lessons,” you think instructors should focus on managing behaviors, or that students are “broken” and they need to be fixed, we’re not for you.  If you are looking for a job rather than a lifestyle, you won’t fit here. But if you’ve got boundless energy, an inherent trust in the limitless ability of students, an eagerness to challenge how we think about education, a deep desire to work on both school wide initiatives and with individual students, and you have ambitions to impact secondary education nationally, we want to hear from you.

What You'll Find at Future School

A Dedicated Staff

Our advisors are committed to the personal growth and professional development of their colleagues; they also know their students well and coach them across a wide range of subjects. Future School is a mission and vision driven organization and it shows in the dedication and commitment of our staff.

Deeply Personalized Learning

Every student has a unique, project-based curriculum that is determined by his or her interests, needs, and learning style. Assessment includes student exhibitions and extensive teacher narratives.

A Diverse Teaching & Learning Environment

Students and teachers have highly diverse cultural and academic backgrounds.

Real Influence

Our advisors are at the center of important school decisions and have outstanding opportunities to develop their professional governance skills.

Hiring Principles

At Future School, we have a selective recruitment process. We expect our team (advisors/teachers, administrators and staff) to make dramatic, measurable gains not just in student achievement, but in each student’s life. The challenges that today’s high-school student faces are enormous and very personal. That’s why we focus on educating one student at time. And that’s why we seek candidates whose philosophy and real-life experiences match nine important hiring principles.

  1. Strong instructional leadership, team & time management and organizational skills
  2. A belief that students should be at the center of their own learning
  3. College-ready expectations for all students
  4. The ability to build deep relationships with students and peers
  5. Strong convictions for your own personal and professional beliefs
  1. The pursuit of a variety of interests beyond education
  2. The ability to lead, influence, and motivate others
  3. A track record of resourcefulness and being solution-oriented
  4. Demonstrate ambition and longevity in personal and professional pursuits