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Job Openings and Descriptions


Current Team


Position Name Email
Superintendent Boyd Logan
Principal Allison Montiel
Athletic Director and Restorative Practices Coach Eric West
Advisory Coordinator Amalie Holland
Internship Director, Adjunct Coordinator, District Testing Coordinator April Oden
Business Manager Steph Gibson
Development Director Patrick Boze


Position Name Email
Math/ 12th Grade Advisor Nathaniel Wray
Parapro/ 12th Grade Advisor Jessica Billets
Chemistry/ 11th Grade Advisor Isa Momand
SPED/ 11th Grade Advisor Penny Harris
English/ 11th Grade Advisor Crystal Eckles
US History/ 11th Grade Advisor Taylor Gilbreth
Biology/ 10th Grade Advisor Christy Larey
Math/ 10th Grade Advisor Lindsey Swanigan
English/ 10th Grade Advisor Patrick Belk
World History/ 10th Grade Advisor Bud Hamley


Position Name Email
Parent Liaison/ Front Office Manager Kristina Long
Child Nutrition Manager Teressa Gasque
Custodian and Food Services Jannette Vasquez
Facilities Supervisor Josh Roberts

Future School Mission Control – PTA

Name Position Phone # Email
Ragen Jennings President 429-221-0081
Sandra Williams Vice-President 479-353-1576
Veronica Arens Secretary 479-221-8164
Lindsey Swanagan Faculty Representative to PTA