Learning Plans for Future School Students

Value: We explicitly teach new students to be self-directed learners and use the Summit platform as well as individual coaching to assist them in tracking their development. In addition, students will each develop a personalized learning plan. These learning plans will be determined by the student’s learning team, consisting of advisor, parent, mentor, and student.

Objectives of Learning Plans:

  • Successfully navigate Future School learning systems and online platforms
  • Demonstrate mastery of multiple academic literacy strategies
  • Effectively demonstrate all aspects of the self-directed learning style (set goal, plan, learn, show, reflect)
  • Show growth in demonstrating the habit of self-directed learning and student ownership of learning
  • Demonstrate the development of non-cognitive competencies that promote students’ ability to think cogently about information, manage their time, get along with peers and instructors, persist through difficulties, and navigate the varied landscape of academic and nonacademic requirements that college students face from their entrance into college through to graduation
  • Successful completion of internship as demonstrated in exhibition and gallery night

What: The learning plan is an individualized education plan to address factors of academic, social, and emotional growth. Each plan is contingent upon the development of self-efficacy. Students will effectively learn to develop habits and structures that will support them for the rest of their school careers. Upon graduation, students will demonstrate mastery of the skills and habits necessary for success in a self-directed learning environment -i.e. a gradual release