“I may or may not have made a website
for some people in this room!”
Amethyst, 12th grade student intern

We are thrilled to share this weekend’s front page news! Check out this excerpt from the Times Record story on our recent student internship panel! 

‘Sitting in a circle next to floor-to-ceiling windows at Propak for Future School of Fort Smith’s computer science panel Thursday feels like what one might imagine meetings in Silicon Valley to be like.

This “think tank” atmosphere is exactly what the school desires, encouraging open dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Nine students, surrounded by 20 educators and professionals, discussed internship experiences within the computer science industry.

Senior and Propak intern London Montemayor said Future School’s administration and advising team was instrumental in helping him find places to work.

“They could look at me and see where I would fit best, and put me in a place where, although I wasn’t really hard set on anything, I might find interesting as I got into it,” Montemayor said. “That was my experience, using the network the school had built and other students had built.”

For full article, click here.

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