Natayana (Nana) Powell, 11th grade student at Future School, is excited to intern with the founder and director of the Gypsy Paint Company, Melody Smith. Nana said that her internship at a local clothing boutique last year compelled her to explore her interest in art this year. “I loved getting letters from my dad with illustrations and art work. I knew Melody from our art classes so I asked her if I could intern with her. It’s been really cool because I work on projects and meet other artists like Ana Maria at The Unexpected this week. She showed me how to analyze the sunlight hitting the mural to figure out what areas needed highlights.”  Nana’s mentor Melody is eager to watch Nana grow and attend college where, “she will have a head start and begin her artistic journey as an adult.”

Written by Grant Vaughn, 12th grade student leader & Future School in-house journalist

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