Dear Future School Community,

We look forward to the upcoming school year and can’t wait to be together in our new building. This year, our school’s theme will be “Building Bridges.” These bridges will take many forms throughout the year, but one commitment we’ve made is to create a stronger bridge between our school and our families. Expect increased efforts on our part to communicate more effectively and encourage your involvement in our school community. 

We will also be creating Bridges between our students and the community with an increased focus on the internship experience at Future School. All 10th-12th grade students will be expected to participate in the Learning Through Internship (LTI) program. The LTI program may take many different forms, but it is an essential and required part of the Future School experience. We reflect on the work of students at the end of each school semester during student exhibitions, and we know that you will enjoy attending these in December.

Finally, for some logistical information. We are experiencing an uptick in COVID cases in our area. As such, we strongly encourage masking as we start the school year. Our staff will be masking for the community’s safety and would appreciate students doing the same so we can all stay at school in a safe, secure environment. 

Start of School Information:

Students who have never attended Future School are invited to attend Open House on August 16th on campus at 5:30. Students will select classes and meet teachers as well as see where their classrooms are located. We are very excited for our new students to see our new building!  Returning student orientation is August 17th on campus at 5:30. This will be for any student who is returning from last year. Students will select classes and see where their teachers’ new classrooms are. Each evening’s activities should conclude around 7:00pm. Parents are encouraged to attend as we will have vital information for you from our principal and superintendent. Our first day of school will take place on Wednesday, August 18th.

Finally, we have included several other pieces of information at the end of this letter including our bell schedule for the year and the supplies list.

Our hearts are full with the promise of this new school yaer. We look forward to sharing in the journey together, building bridges to the future. Rockets Rise!


Boyd Logan

Director of Future School

9th -10th BELL SCHEDULE 2021-2022

A Day (Monday and Thursday) B Day (Tuesday and Friday)

11th -12th BELL SCHEDULE 2021-2022

A Day (Monday and Thursday) B Day (Tuesday and Friday)

School Begins: 8:45am and School Ends: 3:30pm 

Wednesdays 8:45 – 1:00pm Boot Camp OR 6 hours at Internship Site

Teacher Arrival Time: 8:15am 

Teacher Dismissal Time: 4:00pm 

Clubs and activities meet at lunch, during Rocket hour or after school.